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Frequently Asked Questions

Can siblings attend lessons?
When you enroll your child in a Simply Music Rhapsody class you have set aside a special time to bond with your child and enjoy music together. Siblings are generally not allowed to be in class but it is at your teacher’s discretion.

What are the benefits of an early childhood music education?

  • Gives your child a head start and serves as an important link to future success.
  • Enhances brain development through proven, positive effects of music.
  • Develops physical motor skills through movement and playing of music instruments.
  • Provides a dramatic impact on language development and improving vocal and speech development through singing.
  • Develops social skills and cooperation through participation in group dancing and musical games.
  • Use of timing activities develops coordination, body awareness and spatial concepts.
  • Use of repeating patterns and counting beats develops math and literacy skills. • Improved listening and concentration skills.
  • Increase of self-esteem.
  • Better quality of life!

What are the age groups?
We have programs for five distinct age groups:

  • Babies Make Music (Birth to Walking)
  • Toddlers Make Music (Ages One and Two)
  • Kids Make Music (Ages Two and Three)
  • Big Kids Make Music (Ages Three and Four)
  • Young Musicians Make Music (Ages Four and Five)

Do parents attend classes?
You are your child’s first and best teacher. Parents do attend and participate in weekly classes. Participation includes singing along with the teacher, using the instruments with your child, dancing, rocking and more. You will even have the opportunity to learn to play the ukulele and those skills transfer to the guitar! Your involvement shows your child that you value music and that you are a music maker, too!

How does this prepare my child for future music lessons?
We love what we know! A child immersed in music and participating in regular music classes will always love music. In Simply Music Rhapsody your child will learn to keep the beat, match pitch, be creative and self-expressed, improvise, accompany and participate in group music making. All of these activities prepare a child for music lessons and increase the likelihood of your child having music as a lifelong companion.

A child in Simply Music Rhapsody has a unique opportunity to continue his journey quite naturally into our playing-based piano method. Simply Music pieces are intentionally and strategically woven into the Simply Music Rhapsody curriculum from the start. Growing up in Simply Music Rhapsody, your child will hear and interact with the songs that he will be able to play for himself on the piano beginning around age six. The integration of those pieces from the earliest stages gives your child a huge advantage in Simply Music piano lessons or in any music or dance lessons.

What should I expect of my child in class?
Each of the Simply Music Rhapsody programs is based on research and years of experience in working with children in a musical setting. The activities are developmentally appropriate and children naturally participate at the level with which they are comfortable. Some children are natural observers and will spend several weeks watching the classes unfold with seemingly little participation. Others will jump in from the very beginning and actively and enthusiastically participate.

We know that each child is unique and that these differences are completely normal. Often the observant child will be singing all of the songs at home and doing each activity with his or her parent all the time. Little babies who may even fall asleep in class will respond to the music on the CD at home by kicking, moving or looking for the sound source.

Our expectations are quite simple; that you come to class consistently and participate both in class and at home, engaging your child in whatever manner is comfortable for them. If your child prefers to stay in your lap and be held or if your child needs to constantly move, both are exactly right. Your teacher will be able to suggest ways to engage and interact with your child.

How should I participate in class?
Your participation in class is very important for your child. At the beginning of each class we come together around the huge gathering drum. We play along to a wide variety of music while students arrive. We always sing a welcome song and parents learn to accompany the singing on the Ukulele.

During the class you will be singing (and you can learn right along with your child if you are nervous about this), dancing, moving and having a great time with your classmates.

The most important thing is that you come and have a fun, musical experience with your child.

What should we do at home?
One of our goals in class each week is to teach you the songs and activities so you can continue the fun at home with your Student Home Materials. You will have your set of instruments and your CD with many of the songs that we sing in class. Mid-year, there will be a second CD with the new songs on it. Play the CD in the car, at meals, during bath time and at bedtime. Play along with your instruments and dance with your scarf. The better your child knows the songs, the more he will participate and enjoy his classes.


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