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Fairfield School of Music offers private woodwind lessons to students of all ages, each tailored to the particular needs and interests of the student. Our university-trained instructors are all successful solo performers who participate in bands, ensembles and orchestras. They assist students in improving skills for school band or in developing more advanced skills to join community groups or perform solo. All flute, saxophone, clarinet, bassoon and oboe lessons are offered in our standard 30, 45-minute and 1-hour increments.


In order to begin private flute lessons, students should be at least seven years of age, though some younger students may start with a curved-head model developed for that purpose.

Saxophone and Clarinet

Private saxophone lessons and clarinet lessons may begin after students have a developed lung capacity as well as the physical strength to handle their instruments. Therefore, we do not recommend beginning these instruments prior to eight years of age.

Bassoon and Oboe

The bassoon and the oboe are both double-reed instruments, the mastery of which usually proves too challenging for younger students. We recommend that students begin private bassoon or oboe lessons at age 11 or older.

Photo by Johanna Lörracher © 2015 FSM