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Guitar & Bass Lessons

Both the guitar and the bass are diverse instruments, and Fairfield School of Music respects this diversity. At FSM, guitar students can choose to study acoustic or electric guitar, and bass students can study either double bass (also known as the upright bass) or electric bass. They then explore the styles they want — rock, pop, jazz or classical. Each student develops proper technique, as well as skills in theory, reading and ear-training. Students also learn how to jam alongside other musicians and how to perform solo. Our highly-trained teachers are all active performers and boast a wide variety of styles and backgrounds, so students can easily find an instructor to fit their particular interests.

In addition to our 30, 45-minute and 1-hour private bass lessons and private guitar lessons, we offer weekly, 45-minute group guitar lessons to beginning students who find a team experience more motivating. These intimate classes are limited to four students in order to foster a friendly and supportive learning environment. Once students have mastered the basics, they can transition up to the next group level or into private lessons.

A note: Due to the strength and fine motor skill the guitar requires, we recommend that students begin no earlier than eight years of age. Occasionally, younger students may begin with a smaller guitar specially designed for that purpose, or they can try ukulele lessons instead.

Photo by Johanna Lörracher © 2015 FSM