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Jen Krasnow

A friend told me about Fairfield School of Music two years ago.  I was interested in starting my then seven-year-old daughter in piano lessons.  We visited the school and met with one of the directors.  Her enthusiasm about music was contagious.  She introduced us to the Simply Music program.  I loved the concept of learning to play piano using patterns and by ear before learning to read music.  We started the program together and lessons went smoothly.  My daughter was playing fun, engaging songs and felt a great sense of excitement and accomplishment.  My daughter’s teacher integrated music theory as she progressed through the program.

Meanwhile, I took to heart her recommendation to be involved in the program.  I attended all lessons with my daughter, practiced and learned songs my daughter was learning.  I stuck to my commitment to take advantage of my second chance to learn to play piano.  Now, the piano is an activity we enjoy together. We help each other and have fun both playing and singing together.  FSM has brought so much music and joy into our home!

– Jen Krasnow