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iPod & iTunes Drive


Supporting the work of Music & Memory, a nonprofit organization




Music & Memory is a nonprofit organization that trains caregivers to bring the healing power of personalized playlists to elder care residents and clients who are struggling with a wide range of cognitive and physical impairments.  These musical favorites tap into deep memories not lost to dementia and can reawaken residents, enabling them to feel like themselves again and more able to converse, socialize and stay present. 

Now through the end of October, we're doing our part by collecting used iPods & new iTunes cards to benefit a local Music & Memory Certified Facility, The Jewish Home for the Elderly in Fairfield. 

This drive is part of a larger effort involving music studios around the world and is organized by the Simply Music Organization, in partnership with Music & Memory.


  • Donations accepted in our lobby at the front desk thru 10/31/15
  • Any music player that works with iTunes is accepted
  • Please remember to bring the charger if you have it
  • Don't have an iPod to donate? Consider purchasing an iPod Shuffle: $49 new (or $20+ used on Ebay)
  • iTunes gift cards in any amount are also appreciated
  • Headphones are not accepted for hygienic reasons
  • Alternatively, you can make a donation directly to Music & Memory (a 501c3 non-profit) by clicking here.

Learn more about Music & Memory: 

Download our flyer and help us spread the word!

Have you seen Music & Memory's viral video?  Henry Reacts to Hearing Music From His Era:

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