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What People Are Saying

Amy, Tommy & Ryan Flynn

We came to Fairfield School of Music about six months after they opened.  It was bittersweet as we had just lost our beloved percussion teacher who had to close his studio for family reasons.

With two students (now ages 14 and 8) at two very different skill and experience levels, we have been pleasantly surprised and delighted with the school’s ability to customize their programs and our children have thrived. Most importantly, their teacher and the school has reinforced their love of music.

Meg Casano

My daughter (age 8 1/2) has been taking voice lessons with her teacher for almost two years and it’s her favorite activity each week. Her teacher is warm and friendly and I have been extremely impressed with the schools focus on proper warm up, technique, and avoiding voice strain even for (or especially for!) a child so young. We have been to several recitals and open mic nights and I’m impressed with the level of instruction it’s clear other children are receiving in their individual instruments as well.  Added bonus is a comfortable place to do homework while waiting between lessons, a clean bathroom and water dispenser and and lovely couple who run the school.  I highly recommend Fairfield School of Music!

– Meg Casano