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What People Are Saying

Maribeth Konstanty

I have 2 students enrolled in the School of Music, ages 14 and 11. Both kids started their lessons when the school opened in 2012. Their original teacher went on maternity leave in 2014, but my 14 year old girl transitioned beautifully to her new teacher and has enjoyed his teaching style. She looks forward to her lessons each week. My 11 year old boy also transitioned nicely to his new teacher and is learning new styles of music, and new practice methods. The teachers and staff have all been considerate of the kids’ individual learning styles, and musical preferences and abilities. I highly recommend lessons with Fairfield School of Music!

– Maribeth Konstanty


Magdalena Flejter

Fairfield School of Music provides a wonderful service for the Fairfield area. For the last 3 years, my daughter Pola (9 years old) has taken Simply Music Piano lessons here. Our teacher is wonderful and Pola really enjoys her lessons. The progress that she has made over the years is very impressive and satisfying. The school gives a great exposure to music in a relaxed, cool atmosphere. We are very happy to be part of the FSM community.

– Magdalena Flejter


Regan & Gillian Sizer

Our daughter has been taking lessons for the last 4 years and has thoroughly enjoyed the program and the teachers. Simply Music enables students to play songs almost immediately, which keeps her motivated and the lessons fun. Her enthusiasm and passion is infectious, and is the reason our younger son started two years ago. Both are making good progress and participate in the regular recitals. The school provides a fun and relaxed environment, while constantly motivating the students to improve and challenging them with increasing levels of difficultly. Both enjoy practicing at home, which is evidence that the program is working for them.

– Regan & Gillian Sizer


Jen Krasnow

A friend told me about Fairfield School of Music two years ago.  I was interested in starting my then seven-year-old daughter in piano lessons.  We visited the school and met with one of the directors.  Her enthusiasm about music was contagious.  She introduced us to the Simply Music program.  I loved the concept of learning to play piano using patterns and by ear before learning to read music.  We started the program together and lessons went smoothly.  My daughter was playing fun, engaging songs and felt a great sense of excitement and accomplishment.  My daughter’s teacher integrated music theory as she progressed through the program.

Meanwhile, I took to heart her recommendation to be involved in the program.  I attended all lessons with my daughter, practiced and learned songs my daughter was learning.  I stuck to my commitment to take advantage of my second chance to learn to play piano.  Now, the piano is an activity we enjoy together. We help each other and have fun both playing and singing together.  FSM has brought so much music and joy into our home!

– Jen Krasnow


Mary Jane & Alexandra Miller

Alex often comes to class with a song that she’s tried to learn at home. Her teacher takes the time to help her learn the song and incorporate some part of the piece into her Simply Music lesson. She is flexible and creative in her teaching style. Alex loves having her as a teacher.

– Mary Jane Miller

I love how my teacher explains the tough things that I don’t understand.

– Alexandra Miller, age 9. Studying Piano (Simply Music) since 2012.

Jessica Burn

My daughter Isla, age 3, has been participating in Simply Music Rhapsody classes since she was 11 months old. She’s always excited to go to “music class” on Saturday mornings and has made some great friends there. Her teachers have been fantastic — so creative, invested, and enthusiastic about what they do. I’m a big fan!

– Jessica Burn

Lizette Fonte-Cedeno

As a child I was forced to play the piano for years and I hated it. But, after 30 years of not playing I started taking classes at Fairfield School of Music. I have an amazing teacher that not only restored my skills, but also ignited a love for playing I never knew I had. Even though I have an extremely busy life, I practice regularly and always look forward to class. Thank you FSM for bringing me the gift of music!

– Lizette Fonte-Cedeno

Ward Jennings

As an adult student, I took up a new instrument (electric bass) at age 50. I have been taking lessons at FSM for about 3 years, and love it! It is the highpoint of my week. Lessons can range from easy going “let’s just play together”, to fun, mind-crunching music theory discussions. My instructor is always flexible – and fun, sometimes challenging, one-on-one learning is the key to a great weekly experience. Extra-curricular, adult events are really fun, and reinforce my musical self-esteem!

– Ward Jennings

Colleen Roche

As an adult student with no prior violin training, I can’t praise Fairfield School of Music enough. I was hesitant at first (only children take music classes, don’t they?) but Dan and Tracy have matched me with outstanding performers, all of whom have had exceptional skills and reassuring patience. I’m learning fundamental techniques, how to read music, even how to correct my own work. The times when I’ve struggled with a piece and arrive at class frustrated, my teachers never failed to send me home again, absolutely soaring. They’ve given me direction and confidence enough to join a quartet, something that would never be possible, had I not arranged that first class.

To anyone of any age who’s thinking about taking up an instrument, I encourage you to sign up at Fairfield School of Music, right now!

– Colleen Roche

Carla Patrona 

My 3 year old son has participated in the Music Rhapsody classes offered at FSM since he was a little over a year. This music program has been an amazing experience for him.  It has given him an opportunity to experience different instruments and musical elements.  This class not only offers music and movement it also helps little ones foster musical appreciation.  It is not your typical nursery rhyme and finger play class but rather a sophisticated and developmentally appropriate introduction to the world of music.  The classes are fun and upbeat. They are taught by a talented musician who is warm, kind, and patient with her littlest students.  In this nurturing environment, my son has gained self-confidence. He has had the opportunity to actually manipulate several instruments and has even learned proper musical terms! His experiences as a participant in this class, as well as the wonderful staff at Fairfield School of Music, have set the tone for a positive and hopefully lifelong love of music.