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Carla Patrona 

My 3 year old son has participated in the Music Rhapsody classes offered at FSM since he was a little over a year. This music program has been an amazing experience for him.  It has given him an opportunity to experience different instruments and musical elements.  This class not only offers music and movement it also helps little ones foster musical appreciation.  It is not your typical nursery rhyme and finger play class but rather a sophisticated and developmentally appropriate introduction to the world of music.  The classes are fun and upbeat. They are taught by a talented musician who is warm, kind, and patient with her littlest students.  In this nurturing environment, my son has gained self-confidence. He has had the opportunity to actually manipulate several instruments and has even learned proper musical terms! His experiences as a participant in this class, as well as the wonderful staff at Fairfield School of Music, have set the tone for a positive and hopefully lifelong love of music.